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HARDWARE (Cables; CD-Rom Drives; CPU Upgrades; Data Storage; Desktops; Digital Cameras; Handheld Computers; Input Devices; LCD Televisions; Mac OS Computers; Memory Upgrades; Modems; Monitors; Multimedia; Notebooks; Office Equipment; Power Protection; Printers; Projectors; Scanners; Servers; Warranties; WorkStations)

SOFTWARE (Anti-Virus/Security; Backup; Business; Development Tools; Entertainment/Education; Graphics; Internet/Web; Licensing; Networking; Operating Systems; Reference)

NETWORKING (Adapters; Hubs/Switches; Modems; Network Security; Networking Warranties; Servers; Software; Testing; Voice and Data; WAN Products; Wireless)

ACCESSORIES (Batteries; Books; Carrying Cases and Storage Cases; Dock/Port Replicators; CD, DVD and Hard Drives; Ink, Toner and Supplies; Input Devices; Keyboards and Keypads; LCD Displays; Memory Upgrades; Mice and Trackballs; Processor Upgrades; Security Locks; Warranties)

BuyVet is a certified by California's Office of Small Business Certification and DVBE Services (OSDS) as a Small Business (SB), Microbusiness (MB), and a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) OSDS Reference#: 42350. Our core capabilities include project management; data collection for research & evaluation; Webinar production; technology & IT planning; and information dissemination & knowledge management. For more information, see our services page.