Consulting and Management Services

Project Management

For your project to be successful, we need to be successful. In Project Management this entails simultaneously managing the four basic elements of a project: resources, time, money, and most importantly, scope. All these elements are interrelated. Each must be managed effectively.

With a proven track record, we can assist you managing:

  • resources - people, equipment, & material;
  • time - task durations, dependencies, & critical path;
  • money - costs, contingencies, & profit; and
  • scope - project size, goals, & requirements.

Data Collection for Research & Evaluation

Data is the foundation of any effective effort for improvement or research. We can help by assisting in design and provision of a comprehensive solution for collecting and managing the information that bears on your research or evaluation needs. We work with your professionals, providers, collaborators, and data experts to identify what data is needed and to create a plan for data collection and delivery back to you. We can help you...
Conduct and manage:
Web-based surveys
Structured interviews via phone or online
Online focus groups
PDA-based collection / observation forms

Webinar Production

With the advent of the Internet and new developments in cross-platform technologies to conduct meetings, seminars, presentations, and training at a distance, there is now an easier, more efficient and effective way to keep in touch with your customers, clients, stakeholders, staff, and constituents.

Our skilled professionals can assist you in designing productions that will help you meet your goals; whether they be for conveying information, driving demand, creating opportunities, reaching consensus, or sensing needs. Our Webinar practice is based on years of experience in planning and producing engaging and effective web seminars. We can assist you using your present solution, or recommend and help you use one that provides a flexible and friendly platform so you can concentrate on your key needs.

We help you conduct meetings, trainings, presentations and events, anytime, anywhere without traveling. Most platforms allow you to share documents, presentations, poll your audience and use a white board for taking notes. Most also include public and private chat features and the ability to archive the entire meeting for later playback. We also can help you meet the requirements of Section 508, an important consideration for Federal entities.

Let us manage your next online event for you from planning and event production to post-event activities.